Why Upside?

Why Upside?

Retail investors like yourself have never had easier access to the markets, but very few of these platforms put intentional friction in place to make sure you are given the tools to invest or trade in an informed way.

If research is done, it is at best taken from a disparate and unstructured array of sources, and at worst, it’s based on anonymous online tips or passing comments from friends.

Upside is reimagining what stock trading means for retail investors, layering in tools and techniques from the world of professional portfolio management. Rather than encouraging you to deposit quickly and trade blindly, we encourage you to engage with a stream of insights, building a considered view on the companies you watch. From these ideas, we help you structure an optimally weighted bespoke portfolio.

The in-app insights include investment bank research, technical indicators, news, price alerts and establishing feedback loops and educational segments that boost financial literacy and see you improve over time.

The Upside mobile app is a true democratiser - being free to use - and offers you a journey-based and considered approach when investing your money.

Learn more in this short video starring two of our team: