What is Macro?

Macro is the big picture. It's government action, it's central bank policy, it's oil, interest rates, inflation. Macro is the sea on which all investments sail.

But why should you care? Well, macro is everything.

If you invest in banks, a large part of their revenue is derived from lending which is directly impacted by interest rates and unemployment levels.

High-interest rates mean people are less likely to borrow and more likely to save. Higher unemployment means there is more likelihood of default.

Oil too is important, being used for everything we do: transport, energy, plastic. It's one of the most important elements in thinking about inflation.

A country's currency or FX rate is the market's view on that country, its physical policy, its monetary policy, its rule of law, its growth.

Macro is a complex topic and something that we at Upside will make sure you are constantly aware of and the impact it might have on your investments.