Upside Academy Shorts

At Upside we see education and the sharing of ideas as one of the key tenants to becoming a better investor. That's why we have created some short videos for you to watch to learn more about various aspects of your investing journey.

You can watch them all on our YouTube page, as well as below:

What is Fundamental Investing?

What is Technical Investing?

What is Trading?

Long Investing versus Long Short Investing.

What is Correlation?

What is Volatility?

What is Macro?

What is Factor Investing?

What is Stress Testing?

Why Is Cash Important in a Portfolio?

What's the Idea with Ideas?

What Makes Upside Different?

What is Alpha?

What is Beta?

What is Systematic Risk?

What is a Drawdown?

What is the Sharpe Ratio?

What is inflation, and why does it matter?

What are interest rates?

What are commodities and why do they matter?

Why does the price of oil matter?

Why does the price of gold matter?

Why own shares?

What is an income statement?

What is a Price to Earnings (PE) Ratio?

What happens when a company delists?