Our story

Our story

Our vision is an open world of investing where brilliant minds can enhance their skills through feedback and get paid for their ideas!

Our History

To explain Upside, we should go into the history.

Between 2009 and 2018, Upside’s founding team ran a $4 billion equity long/short multi-manager hedge fund.

As with many hedge funds, hiring portfolio managers was an arduous task taking months, then, when they joined how could we measure performance?

It can’t just be measured on return alone.

When the portfolio managers succeeded or failed, we needed to find out why, so as to help them improve, and therefore, help the fund improve.

So, we developed a framework to start finding answers to these questions.

As we were building this technology, we realised that we had an opportunity not only to better the professional portfolio managers who we had day-to-day interaction with, but others too.

In fact, it could be useful to anyone with an interest in investing.

We could use it to fundamentally change investing forever and for everyone!

Our Team

We are a team of financial and technological experts, determined to create an open world of investing where everyone has the opportunity to enhance their investment skills through feedback and data.

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds from financial services, fintech, betting exchange, teaching and even rocket science.

To learn more about our team, find us on LinkedIn!