How is my Feed constructed?

Your Feed is largely determined by which instruments are on your Watchlist.

There is a lot of information out there - and we don't want to spam you with more. We aim to only show you insights and alerts which are relevant to you, so we've based your feed on the instruments you have added to your Watchlist.

In future, we'll show you things based on which users, ideas and insights you've interacted with viewed and found interesting.

We also don't want to show you a never-ending stream of the same type of insights, so we've included some logic in our feed algorithm to space out the different types of Feed Cards.

How often does my Feed change?

  • Initially, our algorithm will update your Feed every day or as and when you add new instruments to your Watchlist.
  • Sometimes new Feed items are available but your app hasn't refreshed to fetch them - pull to refresh your Feed and you should see new information appearing.

My Feed is often sparse or empty - what should I do?

  • The quickest win would be to add more instruments to your Watchlist!
  • Otherwise, we're adding new interesting Feed Cards regularly which will help show a fuller Feed.

I feel like the Feed is missing something...

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you'd find interesting on the Feed by emailing us at