Blueprint Portfolio

What is the Blueprint Portfolio Builder all about?

The Upside Portfolio Builder is a tool to take the Ideas you have built in-app and put them into a framework bespoke to you and your investing style.

Follow the simple three-step journey and the app runs historical simulations to construct the optimal combinations to suit the Ideas you have built.

Using the risk slider, you can set the risk level that feels comfortable to your investing style. Alongside the historical performance, you'll see your very own Portfolio ESG summary too.

Not sure you've picked the right investment Ideas or risk level? Well, then you can edit too. Try it today.

Am I actually committing money?

No, at this stage we continue the learning journey whereby everything is theoretical.

How do I create my Blueprint Portfolio?

Open the app and head to the Portfolio tab.

You’ll need to ensure you have more than one Idea published to start the journey.

Select Let’s do it and you’ll be asked how much you are looking to invest - again, you are not committing any real cash at this stage. select one of the options, or input your own amount.

You will then be able to add as many of the long-only (bullish) Ideas you have published. You can only use your own Ideas, not the ones you are tracking.

Hit Next and you can add cash to your portfolio. Learn why adding cash to your portfolio is good practice by hitting the information button, or by watching this video.

By hitting Next for a final time the app will run its calculations and construct the optimal combinations for your portfolio.

Once these calculations have been completed, you will be taken to your portfolio page. At the top, you will see a risk slider. You can drag the slider to the left or right depending on how much risk you want your portfolio to carry. You will see that the Ideas and weightings of your stocks will change as you move the slide.

You will see the historical performance and your portfolio’s ESG summary below the instruments in your portfolio.

Don’t forget to check the correlation, drawdown and volatility of your portfolio!

When you are happy with your portfolio, hit Finish at the bottom or top of the page and you’ll be done!

This portfolio is private to you and will not be published publicly like your Ideas. You can also edit it any time by adding or removing old and new Ideas, and or changing your risk setting.