Analyst Ratings

Analyst ratings measure the expected performance of a stock during a given time period. Analysts and brokerage firms often use ratings when they issue stock recommendations to investors and traders.

At Upside you will see analyst ratings show up in your Feed.

We collect research from the major investment banks, read them, collect the data and categorise it into three actions: Buy, Hold and Sell.

Buy - this is an analyst recommendation to buy this stock, or buy more of it because the stock is either undervalued or looks as though it will rise in value.

Hold - this is an analyst recommendation to hold onto the stock you currently have.

Sell - this is an analyst recommendation to sell this stock because the stock is overvalued or it loos as though it will fall in value.

These are not to be construed as investment advice but as indicators of market and analyst sentiment. They are to be used to give you further guidance on how the stock price will move in the coming day, days or weeks.